Friday, 31 December 2010


A year ago today in a moment of boredom i started Eat the Rich UK, the day after i posted the above photo of my Triumphs resting in the garden. Despite saying "i will never sell them" they have both gone to be replaced by some "greener grass" that of course never is. The only bike i still own that i had then is my BSA Super Rocket, which i may sell soon.
My intention was to just post photos and stuff from the past 40 years or so of my life but that has grown to include the lives of friends and even people ive never met, although through the medium of the internet we still call them "friends". Blogging has also turned me into a roving reporter looking at everything with a view to a scoop post.
The early part of 2011 will include a lot of parts and items for sale on here and via Ebay that ive collected over the years as i start to clear out my workshop, the first part of a plan for life that we all seem to make around this time of year. There are no Vincents or Knuckleheads but just looking around the walls this morning there is an awful lot of what could loosely be termed Automobilia.......or shite (and grubby shite at that).
My visitor counter, started in March, now shows over 70,000 hits and recently weekly visitors of up to 2,500. Stickers should be avaliable shortly followed by some very exclusive T shirts by the time its warm enough to wear them.
As usual feel free to send me any photos of your past cars, bikes, life or naked wife to help me with the coming years entertainment.
Finally good health and prosperity for the coming year to everyone and if i meet as many new people and old friends in fields and bars in 2011 as i did in 2010 it will be a good 'un, and wherever you go tonight make sure you go round telling everyone you have a horse outside.


arcadian said...

well done pete, see you in a field or bar somewhere next year

Rowan said...

happy new year Pete.. i'll see you outside the bar... near the field, same as last year ;)

Daniel said...

I kid you not I visit this blog at least 5 times as day. Its become a routine.

P.S Happy new year ;)

roland said...

happy birthday Eat The Rich
happy new year Pete
hope to meet you somewhere next year

Guy@GK said...

Well done Pete. Your Blog's a good 'un.

Here's to more touring the tea shops in 2011.

Pete Stansfield said...

Thanks chaps, same to you and yours. Bring on spring and choppers at tea shops.

Stuka said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR PETE...It's been nice to virtually meet ya and to get some parts offa ya. Yer blogs a cracker glad yer keeping it going,and by the way...fuck yer honda civic!!! hahaha ;)

Peter said...

Loving the blog Pete, keep up the great work.

Peter ( new caretaker of Ol' Blue ) ;-)

Robbie said...

great site pete,this blog thing is a addiction,i need to put more on mine rather than just what im building etc,all the best for 2011 mate

Blue said...

It is a fine site, Pete, and a constant source of stealable stuff! ;)