Sunday, 27 February 2011


I run one or two wanted adverts for choppers/projects etc and had an email saying this guy had something for me, i replied asking what did he have ?

Email 1,
"Thanks for that response i have attached the picture of my BRITISH ENGINED CHOPPER asking price is $1,360 , let me know if my price is OK and i will also need your complete home address to calculate shipping fees to your door step thanks. Hope to hear from you soon next"

I told him i was in the North of England and asked where he was.

Email 2,
"Thanks for that response, i am in Washington and i just finish withmy shipping agent and he said it will cost you only $205 ,to get thecomplete bike ship to your shipping code which means you are to pay$1,565 altogether , Regarding payment i will accept bank to bank wiretransfer and as soon as i hear from you now i will send you mysecretary bank account details and as soon as i receive the funds iwill immediately send you the shipping tracking numbers and get thebike ship to your door step immediately.Please you are to send me a scan copy of your ID card and also yourphone number as my shipping agent need them to avoid anyinconviniencing thanks.Hope to hear from you soon next".

I have replied asking him to ship the bike and when it arrives i will wire him the money, havent heard back yet !


Nortons at Olivers Mount.


Saturday, 26 February 2011


Some of Paul and Tilly's photos, late 60s.

1977 CB750 PROJECT

Was owned by a local guy who collects old air cooled Hondas. Last run 3 yrs ago, has had a few bits borrowed off it for other bikes, mainly exhaust and carbs, does come with another set of CB750 carbs but they are an unknown quantity. Engine was good and sound when last run, turns over nice with good compression. Clocks show 30,000 miles. Very tidy paintwork. Easy Cafe Racer project. £850.

Friday, 25 February 2011


Revving at 10,000rpm, blower making 45psi of boost, drinking Nitromethane at 17 gallons per minute, then the spark goes out.....

One of Korry Hogan's ex engines. Stats and info from Ian King Racing.


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Even though you may buy new cables they usually come dry so they need oiling before fitting. I was dicking about with the clutch cable for my Triumph today when someone showed me this little trick which you can even do with the cable still on the bike. Fill a little plastic bag with some light oil, (fork oil is good) then just turn it over and cable tie it onto the end of your cable, though not in that order. I was a bit sceptical but within half an hour oil was oozing out of the other end. Result.


Remember Ken Block, on here a while ago, good driver, no dress sense ?
and Seren Gibson, BSH model for the photoshoot with my Triumph, pretty girl, no dress ?
Guess what ? they are buddies.....

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


The header photo this week is of Shulah's XS650 at the Hayride. Featured in Greasy Kulture magazine and on all blogs worth their mushrooms its for sale. Speak to her or Shaky Mike on 01173735324 if you have a touch more than three grand burning a hole in your pocket.


The stickers deal, e mail me a photo of your bike/car/project/past indiscretions with your address and i mail you some stickers. Super.

Chris, Helmsley.

Benny, Belgium.

Dave, Peterborough.

John, Malton.

Kev, Malton.

Michel, France.

Rene, Netherlands.


Monday, 21 February 2011


We drove (Guy drove) nearly 500 miles yesterday to an Autojumble with 6 stalls, luckily there was some entertainment.


Check out Dice blog today (link from my list) i had never seen or heard of Invader wheels on cars either until i saw this.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Want one...


A wintry 6.30 start this morning, but worth the journey,

Scorton isnt your usual autojumble, just a couple of quid to get in its mostly indoors in winter. There is a more unhurried feeling than normal, a guy with homemade ginger wine plays 1950s Rock and Roll 78s, the catering huts serve good cheap food and warm drinks..... and there is Alice's Attic.

3rd Saturday every month. Scorton is near Catterick Garrison.

Friday, 18 February 2011


The same Paul as in the last post but in 1969. Not such a little cherub now boy ! Paul and Tilly were original Scooter kids from Malton in the 60s and have been sorting some photos out for me. More to come next week.


Esther and Ruby with Horace at the wheel of the model Y, full of anticipation.

Paul's uncle used to hire this car for Sunday jaunts in the mid 50s, anyone know what it is ?

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Been sat quietly in a damp corner all winter, started 3rd kick last week. Really needs fork seals and front brake doing but what are the chances ?


John's bike is everything a modified oil boiler should be. Everytime i look at this bike i want it.