Wednesday, 2 February 2011


At last, stickers from yer fave Blog. Designed by Scarlett (who else). You want ? they free ? nearly, here's the deal.
Send me an e mail with your postal address to and attach an original photo of your bike/car/project/old bike/car/life/wife/grandad on a bike in the war etc, you know the score, anything strange, interesting or both. Shortly after you will receive everlasting (for a day at least) fame and a couple of stickers. Then you can stick 'em on your bike/car/wife/grandad and send me photos of that and..........

UPDATE. Woooaah Please dont send more than 3 pics at once, the dylithium crystals wont stand it cap'n. keep 'em coming though.

UPDATE 2. Forget that, send them (3 max) to Hotmail just cant cope !


Chris Saddler Sam said...



Fat Stu said...

I'll call in, save the stamp

Big Boolies said...

Wooo i like those designs she's really good ;0)