Thursday, 3 February 2011


Almost the first request i had for a sticker was this:-

Dear Mr stansfield, my name is (removed for legal reasons) and i would love for you to send me one of your beautiful stickers, so i may add to my collection of sticky items. If you approve my application i will buy you a pint of ale at the (name removed for legal secret reasons) but i would like to add, you are under no pressure whatsoever from this statement of blackmail, although it will severely ruin your street cred if you decided not to go ahead with the dispatch of the above said item. I will not forward you an address, as i believe you are a man of your word and i would expect nothing less than for you to bring the sticky item with you on the 20th feb to the Bristol swap meet. If you were to rendezvous with my goodself at the above meeting point, that would be fantastic, however, if you do not arrive, i will have no other option than to think that you have turned down my application and that would mean i would have to ride all the up to yorkshire ( which i would not be happy about to be blunt) on my vintage triumph just to collect a little round sticky thing, which i'm sure you will understand with the prices of today fuel, this would be a stupid thing for me to do!!
I have included a photograph of my grandfather on his pushbike to satisfy your request.
Would you be so kind to let me know if my application has been successful or not ?
I bid a good day to you sir,

(PS..if you do rendezvous with my good self, just so you can spot me... i will be wearing nothing else but a stinging nettle and a pair of leather chaps!!)

yours kindly,


Quaffmeister said...

Hmmmm ?
Stickers, egads I believe it to be be an anagram of sorts, Watson!

Ogri said...

Pic could've been worse; a 'bobbed' GN400.

Steve@funkyflipflop said...

some people are proper weird!!!

Pete Stansfield said...

I bid you good morning Steven.

Rowan said...

elementary my dear watsonian