Sunday, 27 February 2011


I run one or two wanted adverts for choppers/projects etc and had an email saying this guy had something for me, i replied asking what did he have ?

Email 1,
"Thanks for that response i have attached the picture of my BRITISH ENGINED CHOPPER asking price is $1,360 , let me know if my price is OK and i will also need your complete home address to calculate shipping fees to your door step thanks. Hope to hear from you soon next"

I told him i was in the North of England and asked where he was.

Email 2,
"Thanks for that response, i am in Washington and i just finish withmy shipping agent and he said it will cost you only $205 ,to get thecomplete bike ship to your shipping code which means you are to pay$1,565 altogether , Regarding payment i will accept bank to bank wiretransfer and as soon as i hear from you now i will send you mysecretary bank account details and as soon as i receive the funds iwill immediately send you the shipping tracking numbers and get thebike ship to your door step immediately.Please you are to send me a scan copy of your ID card and also yourphone number as my shipping agent need them to avoid anyinconviniencing thanks.Hope to hear from you soon next".

I have replied asking him to ship the bike and when it arrives i will wire him the money, havent heard back yet !

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Gob-Iron Simo said...

might have better luck selling snake oil!!