Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Travelled through the holiday mayhem down to Red Marley Hillclimb on Easter Monday, luckily Guy drove, i just slobbed out, ate jelly babies and drank Milo's warm Fosters. Courage and warm lager nearly got our man to the top (he did make it in practise) but in the end rain, a foot clutch and hand change together with the most knackered pair of knobbly tyres you have ever seen on a bike proved too much.
 You may find better and more informative reports of the day on Guy's, Renshaw's and Milo's blogs.
Ralph was top dog.


Guy@GK said...

You got the best post headline... and the best shot of a marshall laughing at Milo stuck under his bike.

Milo said...

That is a damn good photo!