Monday, 11 June 2012


It was all i hoped it would be, but moist. I could try to fix the roof but every other day of the week is fine, yeah.

Can't do any more to the Linkert Triumph 'till i get a new gearbox oil seal. It was ready to go a week ago, now it has loose exhaust and inlet stubs, leaking gearbox and primary cases, shagged drive chain and a hole in the tank. The tank is mended but i sat this one on anyway because sitting different tanks on bikes is easy. I could tidy up the workshop and strip one of the three bikes sat waiting but instead i made a Tom inspired robot, no photos yet as i stripped him down for a final build. You can see the dry build on my Instagram at eattherichuk, yes sad.
The Mamas and Papas didnt have a line about Instagram.

Sometimes it just turns out that way.

Is this just the gayest post i have ever done ?


Anonymous said...

Who needs gearbox oil seals??? Wasn't it Mater who said "If there ain't no oil under it, there ain't no oil in it!" True of pretty much any old Triumph I've come across.

Make sure to show us the robot, if it's up to the mark he can always join the Atomic Robot Co at this years Goodwood revival!

Anonymous said...

wtf! do you just wander about the dales and randomly pick up choice bikes?



Sideburn Magazine said...

you're a long way off gaye posts just yet Pete