Friday, 28 September 2012


Just back from Morocco. Great two weeks in a country quite near but in so many ways light years away. Superb biking roads, especially in the mountains where we spent the last few days, with almost the entire two wheel population on 80s/90s MBK and Motobecane mopeds and all ridden with the sort of respect formerly shown to donkeys.
  The only big bikes were a conspicuously clean Harley cruising at the seaside and a couple of German registered BM's but the highlight was definitely an old Berber hill farmer astride an early '70s Honda SS50. These people keep old vehicles on the road with a bare minimum or money and almost no new parts. Our taxis included an old Merc' with 700,000 Ks (second time round ?) and wooden door handles and a video game dash through Marrakech at night in a beat up Fiat driven by a lunatic who would definitely have scooped best beard comp at the Trip Out.
  Good times. Good to be back.

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