Friday, 26 April 2013


Spent a great and relaxing day out in the sunshine of South Lincs and Norfolk yesterday. First visit was to Richard Millard at Skullchoppa . Its the second time i have been to his place and just as inspiring as the first, if i had all this stuff i would never go home, except it seems he has as much there as well.
  Just check out those "Elvis in Vegas" saddlebags !


  100 miles or so East we were at the Porter families chop and chicken ranch at Dereham where Guy was shooting Andys perfect Panhead chop for a forthcoming issue of GKM . Topped off the day with man (men) V food at the Newark OK Diner.
  Every week should have days like this.


TC said...

What was the eating challenge? Always mean to call in on the way back from the autojumble!

Pete Stansfield said...

Only me challenging Guy Tom, he won by sneaking an extra Coke float.

Guy@GK said...

I'm still full, three days later.