Friday, 21 February 2014


Pulled all the shiny tat off the Shovel but then bought some shiny Invaders which isn't at all the look I had in mind. Also got a Pan tubular swinging arm which is, so not sure of a direction at the minute. All my inspiration (this week) has come from photos of bikes from Luck-MC in Japan, low, understated brightwork, small high mounted tanks, tons of style.
 Anyway I have a shopping list; I need
Forks, Ironhead Sportster 35mm disc type legs and yokes and possibly a decent 19" front wheel. NOW SORTED THANKS BRYAN.
Rear wheel spindle for early round swingarm.
Original kickstart lever.
Plain clutch cover (Derby cover). SORTED.
Pair of standard rear side mounting struts for rear guard. NO LONGER NEEDED
Exhausts like this, think they are usually listed as late 60s FL, separate pipes as pic or a 2-1 would do...
..and anything else you think I should have.
Of course it may be that a Shovelhead project is on someone elses' shopping list, in which case drop in and save me a load of work !

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