Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Carl rents a unit in the same yard as me and has this Anglia for sale (£1500 if you are interested).

Started me thinking about one i built for rallying in the early 90s. It was an original 1967 Police Panda car from Middlesborough and was pretty solid although it had fallen off the trailer whilst being delivered to Malton. It ended up after about 2 years work as an Escort in an Anglia shell, 5 linked rear end with coilover turreted shockers at the rear and all Escort competition suspension and steering at the front. I used an all steel 1700 X/flow out of a National Hotrod and it went well, surprised quite a few people.
It was different enough without being pink though...

I stripped it and sold the shell in '93 to help finance restoring the house we now live in. I bought it back, exactly as i'd sold it, 10 years later then sold it again for 3 times as much ! It now lives on the north coast of Scotland i believe.


Guy@GK said...

My mum and dad had a 105E when I was born. Don't think they got any air with it though.

Blue said...

Oooh, I've gone all nostalgic. I had a 123E Super for a couple of years. Fought that damn car every inch of the way, but loved it. It was called 'Laverne' - the only care or bike I've ever named.