Thursday, 4 February 2010


Over the last 15 years ive bought and sold, broken, built and ridden oil cooled GSXR1100s. When they came out in 1986 they were the race replica to have, and despite ever worsening handling (but more and more power) with each model they are still the mainstay of streetfighter society. I have built four to call my own and broken probably 30-40 for parts. It is just a big re-cycling process, all over Europe people are still building them.

This was my first that i bought in '96, an 89 L with M bodywork it was quite a famous bike around York for all the wrong reasons. I had to get rid of the pink wheels quick as Traffic Police in the area were on the look out for it in relation to various motoring offences, most of them performed on one wheel.

Over time bits got modified and polished..

Finally ended up with 1216 piston kit, Kent cams etc. This was in 1998. Sold it later that year to Wesley Patterson from Cork.

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