Monday, 23 August 2010


Originally a FXR 1980, properly registered with original 5 digit number.
93ci S&S stroker motor, Sifton Warrior cam, twin plug heads, S&S Super E carb, Dyna elec ignition with 3.0ohm twin fire coils, drag pipes, recent clutch plates (fibre and steels) engine sprocket and primary chain, alloy clutch cover pressure plate and needle roller centre conversion, CCi chrome inner primary cover, proper rose jointed gear linkage instead of pressed steel standard thing, DID "O" ring drive chain. kickstart only. Damage to gearbox (needs 2 gears) which is currently out of the bike.
Standard frame with earlier 60s type swingarm, 12" heavy duty shocks with top covers, billet rear caliper + rose jointed torque arm, recent new discs front and rear, '99 duo Glide forks and modded yokes, GSXR1100 front caliper, braided brake lines, ETR bars with Lowrider Mania grips, 16" 60s Glide wheels with excellent Avon SM2 tyres, Butlers saucer light with 70s cast alloy number plate/light mount, shortened bobbed rear guard with modified side brackets, Biltwell seat with rubber mounts, Smiths small speedo (doesnt work), brass footrests battery tray mount and gear lever.
Prof painted VW beetle grey. MOT April 2011, tax Sept 2010.
Daikoube and Hawgholic stickers !
Too many other projects, ideas and irons in the fire....


Rob said...

WHY!!! why do you have to do this when im planning on going away! gutter to see it go though mate. tis nice.

Pete Stansfield said...

We will chat about it at the weekend !

Rob said...

haha.... good call. i'll see you at the weekend mate.

Ian J said...

that bike is too awesome. if it were stateside i might have to sell my bike for it. is the rear fender fabbed or is it a bob rotated?

Pete Stansfield said...

Its a stock steel fender cut and shut (5") same with side mounts, also re-angled. Will probably be selling the bike in parts so if you want it drop me a line..