Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Most people i know have done it at sometime or other but until last night i never have. This is my new van, it goes well BUT not on petrol.

I set off to South Yorkshire to collect a bike, filled up with £40 of fuel and got 5 miles out of Malton before grinding to a halt. I had no telephone service so left the van and walked a mile or so to call Alison who borrowed a Transit and came and towed me in (we have been married a long time, she is pretty used to this sort of thing). When we were ready to set off however a guy came up looking a bit sheepish and said he had called the police as his back door was open and with there being an unoccupied white Transit parked nearby he assumed he was being robbed, a few minutes later two cop cars hurtled up with flashing lights ready to cart us off as vagrant good for nothing tinkers. Luckily they were happy with my explanation and went off to check on the guys house.
I have spent all morning pumping out the tank, changing the filter and cleaning the fuel lines so its now a runner again.
According to my daughter i am a tool, probably right !

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