Friday, 3 June 2011


Officialy the best month for doing stuff.

4th - 10th TT. Went 3 times in the 70s, every year i say i am going again.
11th - 12th. Le Mans 24hrs, went twice in mid 80s, atmosphere like you wouldnt believe, the best fast food in the world. Never been so tired
17th - 19th. Donegal International Rally. Been 7 times between '79 and '02. In the bars until 3-4am, up again at 7. Surviving (just) on Guinness. Will go back one day.
17th - 19th. Farmyard Party. Been 7 times, 8 with this year. Put up a tent sit in a field get pissed, look at bikes, talk shite, take down tent go home, but you always go back..
24th - 26th. Glastonbury. Went in '05 the year of the floods, should have gone 20 yrs earlier, the best thing ever.
25th. Speedway GP Cardiff, superb. Went in '06 couldnt hear for a week.
25th - 27th. Linkert Attacks France. Last year, just the best bike rally ever, back next year.
Add to this Norrtalje Custom Bike show, this year from the 4th onwards, somewhere i would also love to go.
From November to March there is nothing................

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Guy@GK said...

You forgot to mention Born Free 3, Bottrop in Germany and the Jokers Show in Sweden... all this month... so frustrating!