Sunday, 27 November 2011


Denis, Belgium. '63 Plymouth Valiant. I love this car.

Casi, Romania.

Derrick, Des Moines.

Marc, Iowa.

Nigel, France.

Robert and bros, Colombus Ohio, Robert restored the Rickman Z1 originally owned by Craig Vetter.

Steve, Warwickshire.

Send me pics, i send you sticks.


Guy@GK said...

What a nice selection of machines. That Des Moines truck photo is ace.

OILY RAG said...

love the car.
that blokes mohark is nearley better than the bike.
i love the fact that there is a b&b abouve the super market.
dig the cafe racer. is it a cb750?
that bloke in the armour is my favorite. if you didn't already have it on your blog i'd steel it for mine.
i love Rickmans and in orange it looks bloody amazin.
steeves bike looks more comfortable than mine.
by the way check out the special 13th edition of BSH for an article on my bike. on sale any day now......

Unknown said...

I'm the girl :)