Thursday, 15 March 2012

GSXR 1986 1100 1371cc FOR SALE

I can keep it forever saying im going to do something with it but even if i had the finances i just dont have the time (or currently the inclination) to run this and the Triumph sprinter together with keeping on top of my other bikes. Motor is fresh JE pistons, APE block, Upperton head, Kent cams, Carillo rods, coil sprung lockup clutch, recent new 40 flatslides, Dyna ingintion, Pro NOS system etc, no point in giving you the full spec, if you are interested you will know what it is. I may split it up in time if i get no takers but for now its what you see....£4,000.

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Felle said...

Looks like it's got some sweet parts on it - do you know if the exhaust will fit a stock gsxr 1100 engine from -91?