Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Chop: Finished converting GSXR1100 wheel spindle to fit, no blingy chrome dome nuts anymore but it works perfectly. Ready for the road i recon, nearly a year since it was "finished".

Flash: Thought about selling it but its just such fun to ride. Decided to take it to bits to have a look 'cos its what i do and better now than have to do it in summer. Bores are mint but very polished so had them honed and managed to find some NOS Hepolite rings, only bad news was exhaust guides were shot so just getting four new giudes fitted then ready to slap back together. Thats not to say i wont still sell it..

Sprinter: Found a C90 front wheel a while back with a nice flanged alloy rim so a straight swap for the C50 one thats in there should be a 5 minute job. 'Course not, bearings different, sleeve different, spindle different. Easiest to machine a sleeve to suit, in progress. I need a new carpet.

GSXR11: No progress, nada, zilch...I need to paint the floor.

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