Friday, 9 November 2012


Marcus and his brother from Ballymena about to set off for a tour of the Sperrins.

 John and his 96" Softail, originally from Dorking now soaking up the sun in NSW.

 Another from down under. David "Dog's" Bonnie in 1991. Check him out at White Line Psycho

Dave was happily going nowhere when a BMW attempted to destroy him and Bantam, they both copped it but the stickers manned up. Full sorry tale on Guys  blog.

 Reinhard got lucky with this '68 Cheney T120. Class.

Steve from Northampton has the worlds first and only Kawasaki 400 with a Big 4 sidevalve motor. Possibly the best bike ever to take along to a Norton Owners club meeting. 
Geoff up in Cleveland spent last weekend kicking progress in the balls by converting his Twincam Fatboy to carburettor. Now it looks better and goes better.

.....and finally, you want to cycle into town for your groceries, beer, gas bottles, chainsaw and welder and you want to take the dog ? Ben Wilson's Donky Bike is for you then.

Send your stuff to and i send you free stickers. Original Eat the Rich UK stickers that is, not blatant copies without the EtR logo that you  have to pay £2 each for.....


WhitelinePsycho said...

Cheers Pete.

Anonymous said...

Aye many thanks Pete, keep up the good work, cheers Marcus.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Pete, I recognise that cramped chaotic looking garage!Geoff

steve gayton said...

Cheers Pete :-)