Monday, 28 October 2013


 My friend Steve is selling his Shovel (featured in the current issue of GKM Magazine). He already has a good offer from a non-believer but would like his bike to go to someone who will appreciate and ride it. Its a 1200 kick and electric start and has been totally reliable all year including the trip from North Yorks to Cornwall for The Linkert Attacks. Stevie's owned it for 5 years now and anyone who rides old stuff will appreciate how much effort goes into getting a bike to this level.
  The sale will fund his ongoing research into the history of Sorcery at the University of California next year. If you dont already, check out "thewizardslair" on Instagram.

Mail Stevie direct if you have a genuine interest at

Photos (of bike) courtesy of Guy at Greasy Kulture Magazine.

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Anonymous said...

That bike is really smart! Studying scorcery?