Monday, 7 October 2013


Job lot of 29 copies of Easyriders 1979 to 1983. A slice of chopper history and enough photos to make you an Instagram outlaw for years to come. Pans, Shovels, Knuckles, hairy bro's and foxy chicks. Bid here

Easyriders 10th Anniversary issue 1981. All the best stuff from the 70s. Click to bid.

Jammers Handbook, 1980, No 9. 160 pages of vintage chop parts 80 in colour. Great source of info and ideas. This will take you there.

23 issues 1980 to '84. Bitchin' scoots and plenty of pussy although cat lovers may be disappointed. Sportsters, Triumphs, Hondas, choppers, diggers, dirt hillclimbs, drags and even some minge. Get 'em here

Heres the deal. They are for auction only through eBay, no end early, no buy it now, no bro's rates. Can post Worldwide but please ask for a price before bidding, ta.

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