Monday, 18 November 2013


The best things by far about having a blog are the friends you make as a result. Almost every time i go to Newark Autojumble i am asked by someone if i am Pete Stansfield, not even sure how they know what i look like but whether i am buying or selling i end up in conversation with someone who knows whats going on at my workshop.
  Yesterday as i got out of the van, exchanged good mornings and had a moan about the price of tea with the people on the next stall it soon became apparent that Andy and his friends Jim and Sal followed EtR and also have their own blog at turns out we had all been at Sideburn's events and have a mutual appreciation of Marrakesh as well as the usual shed full of unfinished projects.
  Around midmorning i was presented with a cup of the super expensive tea by Dave Bevan and his lovely lady (i am so crap with names, sorry). Daves poetry and Bantam adventures have been the subject of posts on here and on Guys GKM over the past couple of years and Dave's Gardening/Skating/Stinkwheel exploits live in a corner of Blogworld called Happy Going Nowhere We always seem to go to the same places but at different times so it was great to finally meet up.
 The Trip Out's own Estelle, Loggy and John came by shortly after, having bought a fireplace, psychedelic oil tank and a stuffed squirrel (if you know them you won't even question the truth in that) . Hit the Estelle tag below, again people i met as a direct result of her pipe smoking on this blog back in 2010. The same girl put a status on FB last week saying she was shy and self conscious, yes dear.
 All of this reminds me i must get round to making a new blog list, definitely do it next week.,,,


Pete Stansfield said...


andyrotax said...

It was great to meet you too Pete!

Anonymous said...

didnt see ya there pete, went in me truck n parked in the classic's bit for reduced admission, wow they charged me a pound less to get in then ripped me off wi tea n bacon butties, fuckers, tis wetherby for me from now on. . . .Willi

Pete Stansfield said...

Sorry i missed you Will, yet another person ive met through the Blog ! Did you go to the Wetherby one, i heard it was a bit sparse and the food was dire ?

Anonymous said...

i did aye, spent £200 on shite i neither want nor need, i thought it was ok, didnt eat owt (too near home)it were pissin down which might of stopped a few punters from turnin up. . . . .fuck sight better than rufforth though.Willi

dave said...

fuck! I nearly bought that faaar out oil bag me self...I would have if I'd had a bike to put it on...discerning taste, the Trip Out mob...great to finally meet ya Pete...I'll be sure to send up the new book of prattle as soon as I get a mo to blag some more photocopies of the content!