Thursday, 21 November 2013


After a tip off and intro from Justin, Drew and T (me n' Alioli) did a 12 hour door to door trip to Hampshire yesterday to buy this lot from the garage of a deceased practising jumbler. There is a bit of everything, two Norton 88 motors, two 250 Velocette GTP engines and boxes (thanks Walt for the info), Triumph T80 Girder, wheels and mudguards, ZB cases, 500 Speed Twin barrels and head, rigid Triumph gearbox, dolls head and laydown Norton gearboxes, magnetos, carbs, dynamos, Altette horns.....and more, lots more (this means I don't know what it is) most of it pre-war.
  Its going to be a fun week.
*Salvage Hunters, Quest Channel 9.00om Monday night but repeated plenty throughout the week. Unmissable.
*Alioli drove all the way to save my broken back for a day at Pete Boast's flat track school tomorrow. Seems to have done the trick. She's a good girl.

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andyrotax said...

Have fun at the flat track!!