Thursday, 12 December 2013


Two more up for the chop this/next week. '96 WP 13,000 miles mostly standard. '90 M 1216 Big CC motor, good spec but don't know exactly 'till i split it, 40mm Mikuni Flatslides, Dyna, Aftermarket cam and front oil coolers with breather set up, carbon guard, anodised forks, JMC drag arm, polished hoops blah blah. Come on, who's going to be first to ask if i'm breaking the Porker ?


TS said...

What about selling the '90 1216 as is to me? :) Will save you the hassle to take it apart.

Seriously, would you consider that? And what would be the price?

Pete Stansfield said...

Email sent Ton.