Thursday, 15 April 2010


Sometimes i look at my old bikes and shelves of parts and it gives me a warm feeling, then i go to Roberts workshop and in comparison all my stuff is mass produced crap! Rob and son George restore, rebuild and maintain vintage and veteran cars in Malton and Robs' current project is a late 1930s Railton special. Despite his work including meticulous restorations he likes nothing better than to piss off the puritans by making everything himself to his own design rather than how it "should" be. The car is basically a '39 Hudson flathead straight 8 and will have a home built ash frame and alloy bodywork. Rob had just finished the throttle linkage and choke mechanism when i called in last week, a real work of art. I will take more photos and post them as the car progresses. See the little bike in the foreground? he built that too, watch this space..

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