Monday, 12 April 2010


Who's that a-knockin', knockin at my door
It's Gopher Annie, the girl you adore
Gopher Gal, you've changed somehow
Do I look like a cowgirl?
No, like a cow
Bill, you like the perfume i got in my hair
Is that the perfume you always wear?
No, this is different, it's more alive
What do you call it?
Corral number five
Gal, I can see you've been a'ridin'
Yes of course, and I had to blindfold the horse
Blindfold a horse, you're crazy in the head
If he sees what he's carrying, he'll drop down dead
Gal, I loves ya, deep down inside
And I've been needin' a wife since old Kate died
What, stop staring, why don't you propose?
I can't find a ring the size of your nose

Used to sing this with my mate Tig late on Saturday nights (or any other nights) at the Crown Inn a long time ago, and for some obscure reason i can still remember it ! He always had to be Annie. God knows where he is now....

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