Friday, 2 July 2010


I am not a photographer, i have a little point and squirt Cannon Ixus which is almost always set on auto and i just click on things i like. Mostly the results are amateurish at best but every now and then i get one i am pleased with. This was Jimmy Monk's Panhead at Linkert Attacks last weekend at about 3.00am sun morning. We all rode out for a beer late saturday afternoon and when we came back he stuck it against the wall and left it there, i waited for ages (2 minutes ?) for the car to go but it didnt, thats how dedicated i am !
I know it isnt very sharp and technically it is most probably shit but i like it.


Guy@GK said...

Great photo. I like the way Jimmy put a fag packet between the bike and the bricks for padding!

Pete Stansfield said...

Ta, i obviously need to stay up late and drink more beer (and 95% proof Vodka !) before i use my camera.