Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Rory Gallagher never sold out to fame, refusing an offer to join the Stones because he said Keith Richards was crazy. He was once described as "the best normal guitar player in the world".
In 1963 he bought his '61 Strat' for £100 which was paid for in instalments, it is supposedly the most sought after Fender guitar of all time. The company now makes a Gallagher Tribute which sells for around £2,500.
I played "Deuce" and "Irish Tour" more than any vinyl i owned, a hero.

Limerick 1972 Tore Down


roland said...

for me too

Rowan said...

he was a right bugger to work for but his playing was fantastic... live he was a treat to watch... walk on hot coals is still a regular on my iPod

Quaffmeister said...

Good call!!!!!!

Freg said...

why was he a bugger to work for?