Friday, 1 April 2011


The seat is the original base that came with the bike, that i chopped up and re-sculptured then was upholstered to a design similar to the original by Martin Dawson here in Malton.

The Springers were rebuilt and rechromed with new bronze bushes and gold plated springs. Bars were made up from some cut down Zs, headlight is a Marchal French spotlight.

Brass footrests and controls with matching engine filler/inspection plugs by Lucas at Factory Metalworks, good stuff but i had to massage them a bit as the engine is slightly offset to the left.

Beautiful MPD primary cover was also rechromed.

Wheels were originally 16" rear/18" front, i had them rebuilt with 18" rear/21" front by Central Wheels with Stainless spokes and powder coated rims. Avon SM11 on the rear and a 2.75 Speedmaster (new) that i have had sitting for a while. Front brake is Hurst Airheart, brake line connections were a pain to find and original master cylinder was beyond repair (after i spent hours trying) so it has a Brembo off a scooter with the Hurst logo on top. Rear brake is standard Triumph, both are crap but will hopefully get better with use.

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looks the bollocks pete