Friday, 1 April 2011


70s Beehive fuel filters.

Little Sparto rear light off a 50s moped.

Exhaust roses came with the project, i saw a set in an early 70s Street Chopper mag that said they were Bates although i believed them to be Webco. First they were beadblasted then lacquered but they looked rubbish so blacked them and polished the edges, better.

Horn/bell is off an Italian chopper bicycle.

Starburst oil tank had been mounted too low originally and chain had nearly worn through the bottom. Now welded, re-chromed and mounted higher up.

Sissy bar is two i had hanging on the wall welded together, may alter this later.

Crossover exhausts are from Panic Cycles via US Ebay, good people.

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Robbie said...

beutifull and well thought out bits Pete,i love the light,love the oiltank,love all of it actually