Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Yea i know i was gunner do this and gunner do that but after the Inland Revenue, Council, Customs and Excise, DVLA, Ebay, Paypal and Accountant have had (far more than) their fair share there just isnt enough left for my little XS. I am not one to have bikes just sitting in a corner doing nothing, they either have to be usable and used or they go so step in..
It is a 1973 XS2/650, engine just rebuilt (less than 50 miles) with Wiseco 707cc pistons, new Mikunis and KNs from Heiden Tuning, electronic ignition, H/D clutch. TT pipes by Will, Yoshi rearsets, Hagon shocks, Brembo rear brake, full XS750 front end (thicker stanchions), Renthals, Digital speedo, QA throttle, 18" Akront alloy rims with soft Avon AM23/22s. Comes with a few spares, alloy side panels, front mudguard etc.
Stuff to do: There is no MOT or Tax. Starter motor seems to have given up so its bump start only at the moment (and thats not easy !), petrol tap leaks, thats about it really. Paintwork is by an amateur on a cold day but thats what stickers are for.

£1600 to a good home or ghetto. Can arrange delivery anywhere in UK or Ireland. SOLD TO A HAPPY TOM.


Coose said...

D'OH! What a shame, but needs must....

The hubs are TZ350 and the rear sprocket is TZ500.

Pete Stansfield said...

Thanks Ian.

Sideburn Magazine said...

those leccy starters are pants Pete. Nobody bothers with them. Bin it & blank off the hole! Do you still have the all kick gubbins? - but I guess it'd foul on those nice new pipes. BP