Thursday, 21 July 2011


Nothing in this photo can convey the pain and discomfort being experienced by the rider. You dont need big balls to ride the thing you need no balls.
The oil filler cap falls off, the gear linkage is shit, the gear and brake pedals need surgery, the clipons need lifting as high as they will go, carbs poss need bigger main jets, breathers need plumbing, i need a cricket box. Oh and for some unexplained reason the gearbox keeps moving.
Valuable lessons, thanks very much to the land owner, you know who you are.


Jamie said...

On the plus side the bike looks amazing !

Pete Stansfield said...

Gear and brake levers done today, linkage sorted. Clipons lifted, breathers done. Just need some bollock protection and we are good to go.

Nanno said...

Why don't you cut a hole in the seat pan, where your jewels are resting ?