Friday, 1 July 2011


Got plenty of love for my little chop at the weekend but unfortunately its still a long way off a true ride there ride back Linkert bike. I vanned it to Birmingham (Gay but wise as it turned out) having only done about 60 miles on it previously. First roundabout the front brake disappeared, as things had bedded in the caliper was moving way too much and the small Brembo master cylinder couldnt cope. Struggled on with it before making a bit of a repair/bodge to ride back on Sunday which lasted about 30 miles. Made up new spacers and re-positioned the caliper hopefully job done.

The Mikuni carb came with a rubber connection made from a radiator hose which doesnt grip it well enough and it kept working loose, replaced this with a piece of silicone hose like turbo cars use, a lot better.

With my van in sight on the way back the bike lost power, didnt take much notice at the time thinking a plug or lead. Tried to start it after doing the other stuff but it just wouldnt go, sounded like timing way off, took the mag off and......

this is the mag drive from the cam. Didnt take too long to persuade the broken bit out, new one coming from Hunt mags.

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