Friday, 22 July 2011


Bought this with the intention of doing something with it but as i have turned over a new leaf and am no longer flitting from one thing to another its up for grabs.
It is a New Imperial 1928, Model 2, 350cc (all this is what i am told, the only evidence i have is that the engine says New Imperial on it). Engine turns and has compression, gearbox selects OK, wheels go round. Frame, forks and bars look like they have been stove enameled and are tidy. No documents.
It will cost you £1,000 which is the price of 2 nights at the Imperial Hotel, New Delhi. Room only. Offer ends when Ebay auction starts (next week).


Rowan said...

i stayed there in '82.. had a club sandwich in the tea garden... realised why everybody was covering there sandwiches with a napkin shortly after an eagle landed on my table and gave me an evil eye then took off with half me sandwich... apparently it lived on the roof of the hotel and did it quite regular... we spent alot of time in the tea garden taking bets on who was an eagle virgin after that !!!!

Rowan said...

here you go pete

Pete Stansfield said...

Wow, yes i remember that post.