Sunday, 2 October 2011


I bought a job lot of T100 parts in boxes a few years ago and amongst the tins of chain links, nuts and bolts and the usual there was this little tin which has been on a shelf ever since. Wasnt 100% certain at first but then someone showed me some ashes from a crematorium, Oh !. I suppose it could've been his dog.
I could,
A) Scatter them on the start line at Olivers Mount (possibly causing a crash and more ashes).
B) Divide them up into little wraps and sell 'em outside school.
C) Put them in the oil tank of a Honda.
D) ?


Huguilena said...

Even if you found an oil tank on a Honda and threw in coarse valve lapping paste, it would still smoke less than any brit bike...?
Am I next to burn at the cross? ;)

Pete Stansfield said...

CB750s had oil tanks, thats the only Honda i have ever had. Probably right though..

Sideburn Magazine said...

are you sure its not talc?
did you try it on your bum?

Brady said...

The ghost of old Mr. Honda has been known to haunt meddlers to his legacy. Careful how you tread when choosing.

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