Thursday, 6 October 2011


If you read this you probably link to my sales of parts on Ebay or vice-versa so this is for you. I am lucky that as i sell mostly parts for non standard bikes i get to deal with good people who understand that you make things fit but unfortunately there are exceptions.
Please dont ask if a custom or one off part will fit your bike, how should i know, you make it fit or you take it to someone who can. Really if you have to ask you shouldnt buy it.
I dont mind people texting questions but if you email me in "text speak" i will not answer. "av u got a bin m8", yes i have and your question is going in it.
The stuff i sell is generally not new, that is why it is cheaper than new, if you are in any doubt as to the condition ask before buying.
I put my contact details on all my Ebay sales, if you want to ask anything that is not to do with the listed item mail me direct or phone. Ebay encrypt or withhold mail sent via them if it contains certain words, phone numbers or email addresses.
If you want to buy something of mine without bidding e mail me direct and make me an offer, but if i dont think it is as much as i might get in the auction i wont be accepting !
"There are a lot of wankers on Ebay" how many times have you heard that ? partly true but i have been dealing in parts for 30 years and tossers have always been tossers.
Thankyou to all my past, present and future customers, we would all prefer to sit in a sunny field selling things for cash but thats not how the world works, this is what we are stuck with ....for now.


BOB'S BLOG said...

Well Said Pete...

Pete Stansfield said...

Just re-read this a couple of hours later and it looks a bit harsh. I have a good relationship with my customers and this isn't directed at anyone in particular, most of them know more about bikes than i do !

toddy said...

It dont sound harsh to me its just the way it is, i think you got it spot on.

ITALIAN MOTOR magazine said...

dnt lt m gnd u don m8 lol