Thursday, 17 May 2012


Pictures on your Google blog are hosted by Picasa Web (which is owned by Google), you get 1 big bite full free then you got to pay. I have seen one or two blogs have this issue and i suppose i knew it would happen sooner of later, well today it happened. My photo files are full (about 3,400 images), changing my header pic regularly doesn't help either, so there are a few options.
1) Pay so we can carry on.
2) Delete a load of photos from the Picasa files but if i do they no longer show up on the blog. I have done this for now by deleting all old header photos that are no longer used, this should keep things going for a week or so while i decide the way forward.
3) Host photos another way, you can even do it via Facebook apparently but if your Facebook is anything like as slow as mine 3,000 photos will kill it dead. I need to look into this further, there are probably ways of getting round it if you are aligned to the technical age, i am not that person.
 So it looks like if i want to carry on it's no longer a freeby, things will have to change.
In the meantime your support by buying a T shirt would be gratefully received, hit the T shirt pic to the right to take you to the ebay sale.... assuming i haven't deleted it.


Contact me: said...

You can create another blog, and then another and another. Post your pictures on those and just insert the links to em on here.

shrew said...

can you use photobucket?

Sideburn Magazine said...

Picasa Web used to be a heroine dealer. The 'start 'em on freebies' trick worked for his clients & now its working for hungry bloggers.

Seriously though, make sure when you upload photos they are no bigger than 72dpi, 30cm across & save them at a lower quality resolution (no more than 10 on a scale of 12), this keep the file size down.


Anonymous said...

Bastards eh!!
Always someone out to shaft ya!!!
Hope you figure a way around it Pete, love this blog!!!
All the best, Geoff.

Ben Hatfield said...

Can't you just stick em in a box in the loft Pete?

Pete Stansfield said...

Thanks for the help boys. I dont want to start having to link to other blogs and putting all my pics on Photobucket etc is a bit of a pain. Pay up and shut up i recon, its not a fortune just that it brings in a commercial element to funtime blogging.
Thanks also to the T shirt buyers, i appreciate it and hopefully when you get 'em so will you.
We continue.....