Thursday, 31 May 2012


TT time. If you're going you are probably already on the way hoping it's not going to piss down all week. Will the detemination of George Dance win him the sepia Senior ? and have you remembered to pack your suit and weskit?

Come and make an arse of yourself at the Farmyard Party on the 15th/16th. Reliant trikes, smelly fires, blokes dressed as women, tribute bands and big eyed twats bouncing jap 4s off the rev limiter in the middle of the night, oh and probably mud. But lovely roads to ride on, Helmsley market place, cheap beer and look at the view....and every now and then a engine goes bang at 4 in the morning, which is nice.
Get home sharpish Sunday for Fathers Day presents and my Wedding Anniversary but you could stop off at Ash's Fathers Day Retro meet at Wombleton (about 5 miles out of Helmsley).

Finally there's a 1,400 mile round trip from Malton to Jars on a dripping old Triumph. Rode the chop for about four hours last Friday............
Might take July off.

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