Wednesday, 2 May 2012


The original write up and photos in NMM (May '77) by the original Phil Mather. I promise not to mention Old Blu' again, ha ha had my fingers crossed behind my back so doesn't count.


Charliefarley said...

Never get tired looking at this bike. Can't believe someone changed it.

Nah, only jokin, it still looked the business after you were done.

23bricks said...

shotgun rear legs

nice touch

Anonymous said...

and completly off topic but pts me in mind of another builder but into his HD's Leon ???????, around the same time.
Feck brain fade, help me out here.


Pete Stansfield said...

Ray Leon 69. Hit the choppers button and have a look back through some old posts. One or two of his bikes on here and a photo of the old shop in Putney.

Anonymous said...

ta' muchly



JP said...

I remember Old Blu from a Superbike article pictured along with a sporty. Also remember seeing it for sale in the window of ACE ? motorcycles on Deansgate , Manchester, late 70's, teenage wetdreams.