Wednesday, 8 August 2012


I send parcels, lots of parcels. For nearly 20 years i had a contract with Parcel Force with very few problems then about 2 years ago we fell out, no need for the details but it was all their fault and then they put their prices up, lots.
 We had an acrimonious separation and i started using Parcels2go, if you have used them you will know the set up, they buy huge amount of collections from major companies then sell them off to individuals. As with all things internet its great until you have a problem, you can have a "live chat" to resolve your issues but that constitutes a Facebook/Forum style chat with fingers on keys not spoken words. The employees are part time people working from home, my daughter Ellis' friend from University is one, lovely and spectacular girl but without an intimate knowledge of sending parcels. Basically you struggle to get anything but a nice chat.
 The couriers i have been using mostly via P2G are DHL/Yodel/HDN its all the same company just with different names for different underachieving services. At first they were OK but then all the official drivers disappeared to be replaced by "owner drivers" contracted out men with white hire vans. They get paid by performance, if they say they have called and no one is in they get paid, you getting the picture now ?
Two weeks ago i sent Andy a GSXR fuel tank, a really nice one, i booked the collection but no one turned up, checked on the website, apparently the driver had been but no one there ! booked it next day, same thing. Spoke to a live chatter who booked it with City Link for next day. City Link came and took it never to be seen again. There isn't one of their tracking numbers on the parcel so they can't find it. I bought Andy another tank, equally as good, booked it in, no one came, two days running. It is booked in with City Link for tomorrow but i got them to give me a new number, what do you recon are the chances of Andy ever being able to ride his bike again ?
 Just by coincidence i got a phone call from Parcels2go, regarding another fuel tank i had sent, about 6 months ago, they said the package smelt of fuel and had been destroyed, thanks, can't claim as not supposed to send things that have traces of flammable liquid in them. You have been warned.
So this afternoon i have been chatting to a lovely lady called Sandra at Parcelforce and we have re-newed our vows (and my contract), i hope we will get on and make a go of it this time.

* if you send a petrol or oil tank mark it as motorcycle bodywork.
** there is a reason why some parcel companies charge more than others.
*** All "owner drivers" should be made to ride Bantams, all year round.


Andy Morgan said...

I dare say you'll go okay with pf but have you tried , I used them recently a few times, sent some wheels to Malaysia today. Same as the other set up, you know the score... Fedex turned up for it.

Crusty McTuft said...

City Link = Shity Link

Guy@GK said...

I don't send many parcels within the UK, but when I do I use TNT through Parcels2Go. Never had a problem. They are usually about a quid dearer than Yodel etc but seem to be a proper operation.

Anonymous said...

ive had same problem pete and now ive gone back to using parcel force. I spoke to a blocke called dave on parcels2go chat but no nice lady. Shame

Andy Morgan said...

The wheels Isent yesterday to Malaysia are now in transit in China acc to the tracker. I ordered a jacket a couple of days ago from a London firm not seen it yet??

Pete Stansfield said...

Andy got his tank, three cheers for City Link. Yodel still havent called...
Parcelforce from end of next week hopefully.

Contact me: said...

I would highly recommend your local independent APC courier. The APC network is used by local courier firms to allow them to do national coverage. Check the APC website for your nearest. You get the same drivers day after day so they get to know you fairly quickly. All services are 24 hour too, they dont even offer anything slower. I cracked my Cylinder head right down the middle once, Lancaster parcels (APC) collected it from lancaster tuesday afternoon, it arrived at warpspeed racing in norfolk the next morning, was welded, skimmed and put back in the box and it arrived at my door the next morning. Howzzat!