Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Buy Guy's truck

Head off to Scotland and buy my old Betty

Then down to Somerset for Chris' beautiful Sportster

Seriously, why spend years and tens of thousands trying to built something. These three may look expensive at first but believe me they aren't and you get to keep your sanity.


Anonymous said...

seriously?, thats where the pleasure and kudos comes from by building it yourself, chequebook customs aint my cup of tea. they all seem expensive to me by the way, Willi

Pete Stansfield said...

I know where youre coming from Willi and while i would never entertain paying a professional to build me a bike, buying someone elses (well built) dream then altering it to suit yourself can be a much more economical way of getting the bike or car you want. All three of these vehicles would cost an awful lot more than the asking price if you want to a builder with ideas, photos and a chequebook.

Pete Stansfield said...

Thats went not want !

SakeRacer said...

so u got any of them 3?