Thursday, 14 February 2013


Since his well publicised journey to the Trip Out last year, gardener, skater, instrument-less musician, poet, cat lover*, cyclist, writer, traveller and motorcycle adventurer (these are just the talents i know of),  Dave from Nottingham has become a regular correspondent.
 He crashed his faithful Bantam late last year and on his 30th Birthday last month rode the rebuilt bike to London (and back) to visit a friends exhibition only to return and crash his push bike when the handlebars broke !

"Learning to be Content" from his book "The Music of Machines"
"all words, images and errors - Dave Bevan 2012. photocopied on the sly at various locations" to get yourself a copy go to Happy Going Nowhere Blogspot. I've read mine several times, well worth whatever meagre sum he charges for it. 

Now i'm being tempted by a visit to Nottingham with tales of local coffee bars run by nubile young ladies and a drop in at the legendary Duke's second hand record shop.

* OK an appreciation of cats isn't necessarily a talent but writing about them sort of is..


WhitelinePsycho said...

His wordsmithing capabilities are wondrous and bloody hilarious, the Bantam Boy from Hell !!!

Sideburn Magazine said...