Thursday, 28 February 2013


Alioli and i just spent a day touring round what is left of the industrial heartland of Teeside. Its as long as you need, we gave in and headed for the seaside.


dave said...

is that part of a crashed Nasa rocket? Never knew they made to Whitby?

Anonymous said...

theres more heavy industry goes on in my backyard than at teesside now, ahh! the smell of shit n cinders.

Anonymous said...

Too True that Willi,
I graft occasionally down at the the old Smiths Dock, now A&P Tees. Sad to think what it used to be and then compare it to how it is now. A&P have sold out though, and now half the staff are cheap rate eastern europeans, dont get me wrong, nice enough lads and fair grafters, but what went wrong eh!Me Grandad would turn in his grave... Geoff.