Thursday, 21 February 2013


Marcello, Italy, hopefully... he did send me the pic quite a while ago.

 Jon regularly sends me photos of his superb stable (absolutely not a collection eh Jon) of classics. The Goldie street scrambler was out and about the lanes of North Yorks on New Years Day and he just happened to mention the family Vincent, photo one from 1954 and the other taken over 50 years later, still wearing its alloy rims and still regularly used.

 Tommi's 1100L from Finland.

 Andrew (Goosegreen) shows off his new apes, by now he will either have taken them off or have a neck like a prop forward.

 Nicks Shovel and his friend's Gramps bike shop in Florida mid '80s.

 Finally three great works in progress from John at AJ's Speedshop.


and barbecue night in Hull.....


WhitelinePsycho said...

Delightful selection Pete, imagine a 'stable' that includes a family heirloom Vincent and a Goldie, sheesh, jawdropping.

goosegreen_63 said...

Roll on Spring; i like Nick,s Shovel don;t think i,d put the sruts on though ..