Friday, 8 March 2013


Amsterdam is bloody brilliant. It was the first major European city i ever visited, like every Rugby Club/Stag do/Pub trip we never got farther than the Hashish and Prossies of the Red Light district and i came home with a name and address written on a matchbox after a deep and meaningful 20 minute relationship. I've been back half a dozen times since and done the Museums and Art Galleries, taken boat tours on the canals and marvelled at the architecture. You drink Amstel in bars hosted by girls in Red Machine Support vests and buy cake that tastes like nothing you get from Greggs and when you get fed up with getting off your tits and on someone elses there are great open air markets with vintage clothes, antiques, jewellery .....and porn.
  I dont know how big the Rusty Gold swapmeet will be but it's only about 5ks east of Central Station, free to get in and as good an excuse as any.

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