Friday, 15 March 2013


 Not that often a '61 Thunderbird comes along but this week i got two. The blue and white one was bought new by Valerie from York and she and her son Rob have owned it ever since. Looks like its had a whole lot of changes over the years, the frame has been at least four different colours, but when did you last see a one owner fifty year old Triumph ? Valeries' late husband used to crew for Paul Windross also from York. On this home built twin engined bike Paul, a man with as much metal inside as underneath him, clocked a one way run of 207mph in 1973. He was unable to make the return run in time to take the record but later that year recorded an average of 187mph which was a national record, it was also fast enough for a world record but he didnt have the money required to ratify it.
 You won't have heard of him because all this took place at a windswept airfield in Yorkshire not the hallowed salt of Utah.

Going to strip the top end of the motor next week (it hasnt been run for a few years) to check the condition. I see it with a set of swept backs, goldie silencers, ace bars and a leopardskin seat cover.....
 Thats probably going to be down to the next owner though as i will be busy with this one.
Found in Abingdon by Justin i was told about it six months ago but it's taken since then to persuade Terry the owner to part with it. First on the buff log book was the London Met. In 1964 it was parked on the North Circular on a foggy winters morning waiting to catch Rita Tushingham speeding on her way down to the Ace, possibly.
 Did you ever see a custom bathtub Triumph before ? if you did and have a photo i'd like to see it.

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