Thursday, 4 March 2010


Working as i do mostly on my own has the advantage of being able to listen to what i want during the day. Having got fed up with the Rap and R&B that Radio 1 had become (and the coming of Chris Moyles!) i discovered 6 music in 2004. I got digital radios for workshop and home and we were sorted. Some of the presenters at first were an acquired taste but you could be assured they were people with great musical knowledge and commitment. I have heard bands and artists over the last 5 years i would never have otherwise known and been entertained by the epic George Lamb show for the last 3 years on weekday mornings (sadly now moved to weekends and a pale shadow of its former self), together with Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq, Nemone Metaxa, Shaun Keaveny and, best of all, last years afternoons were down to Cerys Matthews. All presenters play predominantly the music they like not what is forced upon them by commercially pressured playlists.
I wake up at 7.0am to anything from The Damned's New Rose to Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner and the goodness continues through the day along with classic archive sessions from the John Peel shows and live studio bands. If i go out in the van and have to listen to Radio 1 or 2 it just makes me even more appreciative of 6.
So having made a radio station part of my life the BBC are going to close it down. Apparently it is only listened to by a small minority, it costs 7 mill a year to run and they need to cut corners to save money. I dont propose to put a load of links to various sites regarding these moves, if you have an interest (and have read this far) do a bit of Googling, and if you havent listened yet you'd better have a try before its too late, you can listen online if you dont have a digi radio. The BBCs licence fee money income is 3.6 billion a year, can cuts not be made elsewhere ? one episode less of Lark Rise to Candleford and fewer Cash in the Attic Celebrity specials. The whole "shut it down to save money" mentality is just an easy option, financiers and economists should surely be able to trim costs and make stations that exist more viable.
Just think for a minute, the BBC spent millions and had more people in Canada presenting the winter Olympics than team GB had competitiors. Minority interest ?
As possibly the only radio station that cares about new unsigned music and playing it alongside the music we all grew up with it must survive. You can join campaigns to save it on Facebook and Twitter, it might not make a difference but at least we will have tried.
Im tuned in now, Nemone is playing "Betty and the Werewolves" album of the day is "The Smiths". i rest my case.

Back to rusty old mo'bikes and shit tomorrow !


Ali said...

Very well said and written Stanley xx

Robo268 said...

everything u said + 10 as an alternative in da car try radio 4 cos in amongst the archers there's loads of interestin stuff , + suprisin bits o music : mendelson's violin concerto moved me to tears then i plugged the mp3 back in and st vitus made me cry also my ears bled.