Saturday, 27 March 2010


Yes it is real. We havent had an electricity bill for the workshop for over 5 years as the meter is in a shed used for storage by a guy in Spain so the meter reader hasnt been able to access it. Negotiations start monday !

To cheer myself up i went to Bennys Boneshakers with Guy yesterday, lots of photo opportunities for the blog, wrong, took my camera but left the battery in the charger. Had a good chat and a cuppa with Benny, Bob and Zip but you will have to make do with this.

WATCH HERE for the shrinking chop builder

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Steve Plowman said...

Bummer about the bill Pete, Ive been battling with our electric company for the last three years over a continuous "estimated" supply to a locked up former filling station that I own, they keep threatening to cut it off I keep telling them to go ahead!

Pete Stansfield said...

Yes the whole thing is a nightmare Steve. Hopefully we can talk em down a bit on Monday. The bill came on Wednesday 24th and says it was payable on Friday 25th ! Main problem has been that the owners of the meter, the meter readers and the energy suppliers are all different companies and dont seem to talk to one another.

Steve Plowman said...

We just went thru the same shit with the water board, they came and fitted a meter outside our shop while we were away about a year ago, they didnt realise that the supply was for our house too, just fought them and the supplier over a nearly £3000 bill, when I'm already getting a water bill for the house through my rates bill!!
Life was a lot simpler when you only had one jobsworth at a time to shout at.

Aaron said...

That's exactly the way they want it... so you go round and round and nobody is accountable... But they still want their cash... I'm off back to the bum in the corn field. It's my new happy place.