Thursday, 11 March 2010


Fancy rallying an Escort MK1 or 2 ? well Kev is your man, based here in Malton, Rallysport Developments builds and prepares works spec (and beyond) works of art for historic rallying. A complete car will probably cost a touch over £100,000, yes you read that right. Bodyshells like the MK1 nearest in the middle photo come in from Malta or Portugal at about £5,000 + another £6-7k to prepare, then paint, then buy all your mechanical and running gear, £24 grand for an engine and so on... Kev works at least 24 hours a day every day and has an order book as long as your arm. Add to all that the cost of actually competing... recession what recession ?

This is one of the cars Kev builds and looks after.Have a watch.

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