Wednesday 5 January 2011


Bec and James have been touring round Vietnam on brakeless scooters, scruffy trains with shared sleeping quarters and dangerous looking grey planes with propellers and went with instructions to return with photos of each other eating deep fried Starlings and battered toads heads. Instead they have photos of beautiful sea food, beers at 10p, and beach huts within 30 metres of the sea.

But they did bring me some Weasel Coffee. Now sorting coffee beans isnt easy for a human but weasels know their shit (really) when it comes to a top notch bean. Nam man puts his pet weas' in with the beans, weasel sniffs out and eats only the best while his handler (probably called Mush Pong) follows round with a brush and shovel collecting the scrummy poo and using it to make the Princess Diana of ground coffee. It is the business in fact im having a cup now. Possibly not available in Waitrose though.


Aaron said...

Jammy buggers! I was in 'The Nam' back in 93. Crazy place. Who's going to follow you round with a pot then Pete for the next step in the coffee's filtration? Crappachino?

Pete Stansfield said...

Seeing as you asked ! Maxwell arse or Nescrape ?